How do I get in and out of Discovery Bay?
You can get to Discovery Bay either by ferry or by land.

Firstly there is the very comfortable ferry ride between Central Pier 3 (near IFC) and Discovery Bay which runs around the clock. The ride takes about 25 minutes and you can even get free Wi-Fi on board.

There are also frequent regular shuttle bus services running between DB and Airport, Sunny Bay MTR station and Tung Chung MTR station. The bus ride takes about 20 minutes.

DB also runs a VIP limousine service that provide door to door service between DB and anywhere in Hong Kong (call 29871213 for booking). For example, they can pick up your family from the Hong Kong International Airport or any hotels in town.

It is understood that application has been submitted for allowing Taxi service into restricted area in DB (right now pick up is only outside the tunnel) but it is still pending Government approval at the time of writing.

Access DB operates a rahabilitation bus for barrier-free transaportation for the handicapped, sick or elderly. Anyone with a genuine need can book the bus, be picked up at their doorstep and taken to their destination wherever it may be.

Some residents do however keep a private car in Sunny Bay Government carpark, or even Tung Chung, to enjoy at weekends, or even commuting to less accessible areas of Hong Kong.

How do I get around Discovery Bay?

To ensure a clean and safe environment, private motor vehicles are not allowed in Discovery Bay. The community is served by an efficient community bus system covering all the villages, the schedule of which is conveniently synchronized with that of the ferry. DB also has its own form of called-Taxi, the "Hire Car".   

Golf Carts have become more of a luxury than a necessity, given the excellent community bus system. 

A lot of DB residents prefer to use bicycles within DB. There are bicycle stands in all villages and there is a cycling path along the main road.

Who can own a golf cart in Discovery Bay?
Any property owner in Discovery Bay (except in the Plaza and La Costa) can own a golf cart. If you are the tenant, you can only rent. Ka Man Properties routinely arranges sale and rentals of Golf Carts, which sometimes goes hand in hand with property rentals, as an inclusive arrangement.
How do I go about finding out if Discovery Bay is for me?
After visiting our site, if you want to personally experience Discovery Bay and may be see some of the available properties that may meet your requirement, just give us a call at 2987 7611 or drop us a line at marketing@kaman.com.hk. We shall be glad to arrange for an orientation tour (no obligation) for you. Be sure to call ahead because we want to ensure a golf cart is ready when you arrive to show you around.
How do I arrange for my moving into Discovery Bay?
Most apartments in DB are partly furnished in that all “white goods” (eg kitchen appliances) are included along with air conditioners, and sometimes curtains / blinds. Any moving company or furniture/appliances stores (including Fortress, Ikea etc.) can deliver to DB. You can treat Discovery Bay the same as any other area in Hong Kong as the tunnel gives direct vehicle access. We have provided a list of removal companies that we know are serving the Bay frequently in our “Frequently Used Telephone” page. With so many expatriates moving in and out, you may also want take advantage of the vast array of excellent used furniture market. A good place to check is the notice board in the Resident’s Club, in Park N shop, as well as in some dedicated Discovery Bay social websites. We are glad to give you pointers here.
What about schooling for my children?
In DB, there are kindergartens and primary school that caters to the need of both English-speaking or Chinese-speaking students. For secondary education, many of the schools (both International and local) have school buses picking up the kids near the pier in Central. We suggest you get in contact if the school of your choice at the earliest opportunity as there may be a waiting list depending on the school and the childs age. There is a large array of schools for all levels within Discovery Bay. Please see relevant sectors in this website. [ See Education ].
What happen in the case of medical emergency?
Discovery Bay has two medical clinics, plus a dentist and a vet. The clinic and the vet provides around the clock home visit service. For more serious case, ambulance service in Discovery Bay can take the patient through the tunnel to Hospitals outside. Besides, the Rehabilitation bus which provides barrier-free transaportation for the handicapped, sick or elderly can be booked to take the needy to any destination.
Who can use the Discovery Bay Resident's Club?
Every property owner in Discovery Bay also owns the debenture to the Recreation Club automatically. This gives you free entitlement to membership of the original DB Recreation Club, and also Club Siena for one subscription fee. If a tenant leases a flat in Discovery Bay through us, we will arrange for the landlord to nominate the tenant and his/her family to use the Club for the family to take advantage of the vast array of recreational facilities. You will feel like you are truly living in a resort.
Are dogs and cats allowed in Discovery Bay?
Discovery Bay is a pets-friendly community. There will be many pet lovers who are keen to share their experience with you. There are a lot of open space and trails for you to exercise your dog ( or vice versa). However, dog owners are expected to control the behavior of their pets so that they are not a nuisance to the neighbour or the environment.