With Discovery Bay being such a sizeable multi-cultural community, diverse schooling establishments serve the area, from pre-school playgroups, nursery / pre-school kindergartens, Primary & Secondary schools.


Kindergartens (up to 6 ys)

There are five principle kindergarten providers:

  • Discovery Bay International School (
  • Discovery Mind Kindergarten (
  • Discovery Montessori School (

All above offer English speaking classes

  • La Petite Enfance Kindergarten (A French Language Private Kindergarten) (

Montessori Kindergarten & Nursery

Discovery Bay International School

Primary School (up to 10/11 yrs)

There are now four principle Primary Schooling providers:

  • Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) – Private English
  • Discovery College (DC) - Private English(ESF)
  • SKH Wei Lun Primary School (Subsidized Chinese Language) (
  • Discovery Mind Primary School (DM) - opened August 2012


Schooling outside Discovery Bay

Many International Schools on Hong Kong Island, at both Primary and Secondary, provide school bus services to from Discovery Bay Pier, including German Swiss International School, and Chinma International School.


Additionally, special school coaches pick up within Discovery Bay to outside schools including Lantau International School , French Inetrnational School in Whampoa and also the new co-ed Harrow International School (All Grade) which opened in 2012.


Aside from formal schooling, there are many playgroups and special interest classes and coaching. (eg music, ballet, dance, art, organized privately or by the residents club. Overall, Discovery Bay falls under the catchment area network for Central – Western District Schools.


Secondary Schools

There are two Secondary School providers:

  • Discovery Bay International School (Private English)
  • Discovery Bay College (Private English)

Both DBIS, DC, and DM are English language schools, whilst SKH Wei Lun is a Chinese language school.


School Focus


Discovery Bay International School

The first established school in Discovery Bay and offering Primary and early secondary education, now building up to year 13. (Enrolment: 750) It follows the syllabus of the English National Curriculum and is a feeder school for the English Schools Foundation.


Discovery Bay International School (Kindergarten)

Located on a completely different campus on the site of old police station. It is an English language private kindergarten).


Discovery College

This is a Primary and Secondary “through – train” school, currently operating from year 1 – 13. The College opened in 2008, on a sea front site next to Club Siena. It is the flagship School under the English School Foundation. (Enrolment 1450) Housed within an impressive hi-tech energy efficient building, it boasts a 25 – metre roof top swimming pool.


SKH Wei Lun Primary School

This s a Chinese language, Government aided Anglican Primary School, for years 1 – 6 (Enrolment: 500) and feeds students to the highly desirable Central – Western District High Schools.