Housing choices

Discovery Bay offers a wide range of choices of housing to suit every requirement and budget.


Since Discovery Bay is built around a private beach and with over 80% of the land reserved for greenery and recreation, most properties in DB offer a beautiful sea view or a lush green mountain view. All residential units are situated beside landscaped gardens or playgrounds where children can play outdoors without fear of traffic and where dog lovers can play with their pets and converse with neighbours.


Architecturally, homes here are built to compliment the breathtaking natural surroundings. E.g. One can choose from the low-rise flats that line the beach and the Marina, the garden houses that overlook the golf course and the bay as well as the hill side high-rise apartments.


Garden House


Garden houses, a rarity in Hong Kong, are common in Discovery Bay. There are Mediterranean style houses near the pier and around the golf course. The exclusive Headland Village overlooking Tai Pak Bay and Yi Pak Bay boasts a variety of houses from smaller town houses to very large free standing. Detatched houses. Most of the houses have their own garden or yard. Some even come with their own private swimming pool and garage (for golf carts)




Most of the low-rise residences in Discovery Bay are built along the waterfront or on low lying areas from one bedroom simplex flats to very sizeable 5 room duplexes. Many of them will have a garden, yard, terrace, balcony or private roof. Over the years most have undergone extensive internal renovations and afford very luxurious living




There is a wide spectrum of high-rise apartments to suit every family size and budget. They range from e.g. studio flats with balconies overlooking the bay to 4 bedroom penthouse units offering a stunning view of Victoria Harbour.


The market choices have been even more expanded with diverse layouts through extensive renovations of secondary stock, and by the popularity of merging and designer - renovating apartments…..often with spectacular and unique results.