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We are always looking for suitable candidates to expand our very successful team of agents.
We are looking for someone who will share our commitment to

  • the highest professional standard and
  • friendly and responsive service
As a Ka Man agent, your earning is determined by

  • your performance
  • market condition and
  • housing prices and rental (your commission automatically rises with the market)



With close to 30 years of undisrupted successful record of specializing in Discovery Bay properties, Ka Man is the longest serving agency in DB. This offers to our agents

1.      excellent source of prospects including long standing co-operation with many international relocation agencies
2.      one of the most complete inventory of listings, many of which are exclusive to Ka Man
3.      trusting long term relations with many DB property owners  which helps in negotiation
4.      sterling reputation of service, professionalism and commitment
Working in Ka Man, our agents will be
-         part of a very friendly, supportive, culturally diverse team ( local Chinese, expat, mainland and overseas Chinese) with wide range of experience including surveying and overseas agencies and
-        coached by a very experienced management team and
-        supported by state-of-the-art tools and platform and
-        a generous commission split plus a basic salary to help you through leaner months

If you are interested and want to know more, send us an email ( ) with your background in confidence.